Energy Storage

The energy storage grid project modules assume that a new energy storage system is integrated into the electrical grid. As in all of grid project modules, the energy storage algorithms attempt to approximate the changes to the load profile shape that result from the addition of the project into the system. How the energy storage system is operated will dictate the impact on the load shape, and so users are first asked to select the objective that most appropriately reflects how the energy storage will be used. The corresponding project algorithms are then applied to provide a first-order approximation of battery behavior.


The figure below is a process flow diagram that provides an overview of the energy storage projects.

Based on the simulated operation of the energy storage system and the context-specific details of the project, the impacts and other outputs are computed. For additional details, please go to the documentation of the relevant sub-module.


There are three energy storage projects:
1. Market Participation
2. Daily Peak Reduction
3. Annual Peak Shaving

While the technology for each of these projects is the same, the project objectives are different, which determines the charging and discharging behavior of the energy storage system. The objectives of each of the projects are summarized in the table below: