Impact Quantification

Changes to the grid can have dramatic system level repercussions. These impacts — both benefits and unintended consequences — depend on both the grid project and the project context. The growing list of project impacts GridPIQ estimates includes changes to the following:

  • Total energy (MWh)
  • Peak power (MW)
  • Carbon dioxide emissions (Tons)
  • Nitrogen oxide emissions (Pounds)
  • Sulfur dioxide emissions (Pounds)
  • Emissions of particulate matter < 2.5 microns in diameter (Pounds)
  • Ramping rates (MW/h)
  • Generation fossil fuel costs ($)
  • These impacts are metrics of interest to project stakeholders. GridPIQ maps project details, informed by project context, through changes in load profile to diverse system level repercussions, and GridPIQ encourages feedback about which additional metrics would be most useful to display.